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Top 10 Movie Crotch Shots

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See more ideas about Sexy men, Crotch shots and Hot guys. Mar 3, - Explore crownpoolskkgma's board "CROTCH SHOTS" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sexy men, Crotch shots and Hot guys. Mar 3, - Explore crownpoolskkgma's board "CROTCH SHOTS" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sexy men, Crotch shots and Hot guys. Jan 26,   Favorite Bulging Male Stars of the 70s and 80s. Pictures of these men got me through puberty in the '70s. And if I could have seen them in real life, I would have been in heaven. by Anonymous: what he called the embarrassing "obligatory crotch shot" as if there was something wrong with that. Yes, Lee was better looking than Tom Selleck. Mar 3, - Explore bx40man's board "Crotch Bulges" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sexy men, Hot guys and Beautiful men. Mar 3, - Explore bx40man's board "Crotch Bulges" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sexy men, Hot guys and Beautiful men. Men In Tight Pants Crotch Shots Hot Guys Eye Candy Scruffy Men Aubry Hommes Sexy.

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Tags bulging crotch. Related groups - bulging crotch View all Crotch Shots. Bulging Crotches. GUYS in jeans. I used to confuse Rogan with Piven.

Is Piven as "deplorable" as Rogan? Sorry for being so off-topic. Piven is a vain self hating homosexual. To make up for being so off-topic, here's Joe Pepitone shoeing peen. R Best Tom Jones photo bulge I've seen! R Fack. Billington WAS hot. R Max Gail was such a goober. Like a live Homer Simpson. But, he was hot. The dark-haired partner had an amazing booty too.

It ended because it was perceived as being gay. R Thank you! Love this old opening better than the ones that followed.

R Wtf? Hot, hairy, handsome hunks. Packing chunks in their skimpy trunks. And Ed Marinaro. For sure Robby still looks good R Oh, Lawdy! I hope he received some booty shorts! Mentions Fred's underwear memo from the network. Slim and Jess were the Brokeback Mountain of the late 50's.

Robert Fuller's ass was perfection! I know! More Fuller ass. Kind of blurry, but you get the idea. More Robert Fuller. Fully packed! Mmmm hmmm! Hot as fuck, YES R Looks pretty twinkish there. R Sam Elliott's another one whose sexiness was magnified by his deep voice. Fuller's ass was GOLD. Fuller and Robert Conrad in his Wild West blue pants should have paired up for an ass-off!

Another of Fuller I'd bring a picture that highlights his amazing butt and ask him to autograph his ass. He would probably get a kick out of that. He's feisty as all get out and loves red wine. I'd get him drunk and get him to talk about that fine ass of his. You're giving me ideas lol. R Ray Milland appears to be staring at Sam's trouser snake in that photo.

Fuller's dump was chunkier than Conrad's. Don't forget Brandon De Wilde. Robert Fuller today. Robert Conrad today. Conrad had the best ass in Hollywood. Just ask all the blond twinks who fucked it. Is this someone famous? Gil Gerard. Lee Horsley. John Amos James on Good Times. Ah Lee "horse dick" Horsely.

He was known as "the poor man's Tom Selleck". Poor Gil Gerard, yet another former hot stud ravaged by age. But damn he was fine back in the day. Oh Gil, Gil, say it ain't so. In my opinion Horsley was better looking than Selleck.

David Soul. But Mike Henry as Tarzan used to make me spontaneously orgasm in my jammies. R I don't recognize him, but I'll take him - famous or not. An early Tom Selleck. R Wow! Tom was a cute little hunk with something not so little in that Speedo!

Rock's boy, Lee Majors. R he looks different! R Bulging and hairy - the original bionic man. Barry Gibb, be tender with my fanny. Barry Bostwick bulge. Lorenzo Lamas. Marc Singer. More Singer bulge. John Schneider. Richard Hatch. Steven Bauer. Here u go r Robert Plant was truly in a league of his own. YouTube has clips.

From Trying again R Go, OJ, go! R Richard Hatch looks like he's about to burst out of those jeans.

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R Did Robert Plant just decide to get up and wear his undies to a soccer game? It's not the 70s or 80s, but Ben Gazzara showed major ball sack bulge in the 60s. Robert Fuller's ass was perfection His long,dangling cock and balls in wet pants are my ideal as well! What was he stuffing with here Fuller ass and even fuller front.

Someone here really, really, really loves Robert Fuller. R Can ya blame him? That's some nice stuff! It truly was the golden age of television. R Hell, yeah! Don Johnson r It was Don Johnson R Roy Thinnes was such a pretty thing. He yelled at Alfred Hitchcock in a restaurant.

Hitch hated actors and actors hated him.

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Damn OJ had a tight bod and a nice dick. Gil Gerard was a former fattie who reformed to fat. David Keith shows off a whopping fat dick-bulge in the 80s thriller White of the Eye. R Uh Jan Michael Vincent. Dirk Benedict. R The former. Nice thread!

Men crotch shots

Keep 'em coming! Rob Lowe. Tom Berenger. Keith Carradine. R Rick Rossovich was so damn sexy! R Had no idea Robert Fuller was once a chorus boy!

R Rumor has it Dirk Benedict was super hung. R Keith "I'm Easy" Carradine easily fills out those bell bottoms! It seems well-hung must have been part of the actor job description in the 70's and 80's.

Brad Davis in "Querelle. Keith Carradine is very charming. Brad Davis around the time of Midnight Express. Brad Davis was soooo sexy and showed major bulge!

Chad Everett ready to bust out all over! R - here's a better one. R Umph. I'd take 'em all! Even in his 70s he was quite handsome. David Keith's divine daddy dick bulge in White of the Eye. Another Chad Everett. David Keith in White of the Eye again. I suspect, R, because the pic shows the bulge of a male star of the 70s and 80s. But I'm just guessing. I certainly hope someone does. She's beginning to attract flies.

Another David Keith. John Travolta must be lacking bulge, he has not presented. David Keith was adorable when he was younger.

Travolta's definitely not lacking Burt in tight pants makes Johnny jealous. Who'd be a fourth? Dom DeLuise can hardly contain herself in R's link. I think John Revolting is more potatoes than meat.

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R Nope, but thanks for that! Sam the Sham. Shaun Cassidy. R, Nope. I don't remember them at all. Sal Mineo showing nice bulge in his Speedo:. Mac Davis showing a little skin and a little bulge on his album cover. A young, hot, bulging Kevin Costner. R Jermaine looks like he's sportin' a big boner in that video.

Ricky and David Nelson bulging out in their circus outfits. By comparison, Richard Gere is a little guy. Kev can afford the dry cleaning. The blonde hottie in the Dukes of Hazzard reboot gave bulge almost as well as John Schneider. Joe Penny was packing something hefty! Jeans so tight. Show us that package, Lorenzo! R Those guys were sexy! Who are they? The dark-haired guy is Chip Mayer.

I knew him slightly back in the day. I thought you were referring to the ass area. He passed away several years ago. Tell us more about sexy Chip, R R No! What happened to him? Nothing wrong with a dripping penis. Mayer died of a brain injury at R Dayum! THAT is one fat peen! Perry King is the one catching my eye at R A gorgeous man. R Is that Mayer on the right in that picture? R Another God Squadder. Well, a lot of good that did him. Apparently, Mayer had a brain aneurysm from what I've read about his death.

Best Nuts Shots/Hits Compilation

Perry King was perfection. And he's still a fine looking man. Speaking of Perry King. Fred Dryer was mentioned above, but here's one with him showing more skin. One of Dwyer's more obvious protuberances. Robert Conrad bulging in all the right places. R What is this from? Is he massaging Fred Dryer?

Hunter reruns need to find their way back to the screen. Any channel showing them? Perry King went full frontal in Mandingo. Is he uncut? More Fred Dryer - just for the fun of it. R Screw NBC! Steve McQueen bulging in his undies.

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Some more of the beautiful bulging Robert Conrad. Hot and hung Steve Bond in his Speedo Ed Fury. R Kevin Kline seems to be starting at that bulge. Rex Smith frequently bulged. R No kidding. This is not the face and body of a Shlomo Goldberg. Schlomo seems positively phallic in his case. There isn't much bulge or shirtless Farentino out there.

Shirtless James Farentino in "Violent Midnight" James Farentino was lean as hell back in the day! R - so was James Darren. So we never got an answer. But, alas, his character goes hetero for lesbiana Meg Foster as they raise their child together. The only good thing about the movie was getting to see Perry King's naked ass. Michael Callan did a nude layout for the women's magazine Viva in the s.

He had a nice cock. Andrew Prine had the biggest schlong. I'm sorry it wasn't "20, Leagues" he was in, but "Mysterious Island". R, it was for Oui in Michael Callan with his soon to be wife Karen Malouf. Forgot the link:. R Cock and balls! Robert Culp and his wife Susan also did a couples pictorial for Oui in In the 70's was all key parties and Oui nude couple pictorials. How I miss those days! Lawd, I need my smelling salts. R I still have the Playgirl featuring that picture of Steve Bond.

So yummy. Eddie Van Halen. R Now we know why Valerie Bertinelli married him. Frank Zappa. Thick cock and big ol' balls.

Ric Ocasek of the Cars. Roger Daltry was sometimes perky down there as well. Axel Rose. R Ick. He's got to be one of the least attractive guys. Lovin', Touchin", Squeezin'. Another Peterson bulge. And another Peterson. Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze - the one in the green neon pants.

Favorite Bulging Male Stars of the 70s and 80s

R Is that a bulge or a crease? If it's a bulge, I'd be glad to "squeeze" it. I've seen other photos from that shoot, r - it's definitely a bulge.

R I'm tempted by the fruit Glenn on the far left. Glenn - second one from the right. Glenn's bustin' his buttons. Simon Maccorkindale. R He puts the Cork in MacCorkindale. Gary Sandy has one of the ugliest faces in history and I know ugly. It's not wrong, because it won't make him any deader.

Moral: no matter how pretty you are, don't play games with firearms. More of MacCorkindale's "cork". Stephen Stills looks to be bulging pretty nicely in this photo of Buffalo Springfield. American men are under no such illusions R Who is that? R, the guy in R appears to be George Maharis. Apparently not. Ok R Let me rephrase that. No HOT British guys show bulge.

I always thought Joe from Def Leppard was pretty hot. R He looks like Linda Tripp. And that includes the cock bulge.

Watch Crotch Shots gay porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant gay XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Crotch Shots gay scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Crotch Shots. Bulging Crotches. GUYS in jeans. Guys Grabbing (non-nude) View allAll Photos Tagged bulging crotch. by Ingrid von Hannibal 88 6 He had even shot me a look as he held up it in his touchy paws to see if I was flinching to indicate that it may be valuable enough to steal. Jan 10,   Men With Big Heads. List Of The Most Important Celebrity Bulges! Pictures; Jan 10, 0 This list of celebulge is something you shouldn't miss. We all know something about Jon Hamms bulge, and to be fair with other celebrities, he is not ranked on the list. All bugles in this list are ranked and measured on a scale of zero to five.

R Gary Sandy was sexy as hell back in the day. Totally concur. Back in the day Gary Sandy was sex on 2 legs. Sandy bulging in uniform! Lol r A little Charlton Heston in a Chippendales-style thong:. James Brolin bulging in his tightie whities in The Amityville Horror. R, oh no he di'int Heston had the nastiest looking teeth EVAH!

They look like bit rotten chunks of wood. R Looks to be hanging quite nicely. R I wanna know who the stud with the nice ass is behind Heston! I can't get a positive ID R but I can get you a clearer posterior and anterior shot.

And yes, that is a very lickable ass. R Nice. It must've been fun filming that scene! TJ Hooker hottie Adrian Zmed showing a little bulge and a little pubic hair:. Ted McGinley bulging in his tightie whities:. Thanks, r! Hottest guy here, IMO. Ted looks like a grower. Ted McGinley. Adrian Zmed's pretty boy days are long gone.

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It's tough to see ones childhood crushes inch closer and closer to the grave. But anyway, yeah Dorothy Stratten's psycho homicidal husband did have a nice package. Show us what ya got, John. Michael Cole from the Mod Squad. Looks like at least one of the Hudson Brothers was packin'. R - That's Bret, the cute one. God, he was adorable!

Eric Braeden. The Ryan Gosling. Bulge Rating: 3 out of 5 Jon Hamms. The Jensen Ackles. The Shemar Moore. The Kellan Lutz. The Michael Fassbender. Bulge Rating: 4 out of 5 Jon Hamms. The Cristiano Ronaldo.

are absolutely

The Zachary Quinto. The Justin Theroux. The Mark Wahlberg. Source: BuzzFeed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home Home Pictures Stories Video. And feel free to larger the pictures for better academic comparison purposes.

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