Music Lessons

Music Lessons at Bearclaw’s Academy of Music

New Musician Lessons
The very first sound made on an instrument by a new student can be an exciting experience with the aid of our talented teachers, who always cater to the student’s needs and goals as a major priority and focal point. Our staff is comprised of seasoned musicians, not only with years of teaching experience, but also with years of performance experience too. These individuals will utilize their variety of experience and wisdom in helping each and every student meet their full potential.
Through weekly instruction, recitals and workshops, students will not only learn how to play their instrument, but they will also learn the fundamentals of reading music, ear training, music theory, performing techniques and much more. Our instructors are here to answer all questions and to help the “new musician” leave each lesson with a feeling of accomplishment and inspiration. By possessing these skills, the new student will not only grow as a musician, but also as an individual. We believe that through the joy of music, personal expression and development is inevitable.
Music Lessons for Professional Performers
The B.A.M. belief system is that there will always be room to improve, whether an amateur picking up an instrument for the first time, or as a skilled professional needing a little fine tuning. Through this program, the seasoned professional can utilize the experience and endless knowledge of our highly qualified & experienced teachers. Those enrolled in the professional performer program will continue to grow as an artist by means of further expanding their musical knowledge and abilities. We offer instruction that can help the professional musician refresh and refine his or her skills in music theory, improvisation, technique and all aspects of what it takes to be a truly excellent musician. Our programs are tailored to benefit each students needs by taking into consideration where each individuals experience lies, as well as where they wish to improve.
Adult Music Lessons
It’s never too late to play an instrument, now is the time to reach out for help from our experienced teachers! No matter what age they may be, adult students can be sure that our assistance in making music become a part of their life will be our priority. Whether an individual is looking to continue instruction on an instrument they played years ago wishing to reconnect once again, or opting to pick up an instrument as a beginner, we’re here to help. A lesson plan tailored to meet the needs of each adult student will allow them to achieve their own personal goals no matter what their skill set may be. Instruction in music theory, ear training, improvisation and group recitals will give every adult student the pleasure of learning music.

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