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Mass Effect: Andromeda - Cora Romance Scene

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Human Supremacy! Focus: Games Mass Effect, Since: Founder: Wanderer - Stories: - Followers: 91 - Staff: 1 - id: Whether they're apart of a superior alliance or by themselves humans can counter anything the Council Races bring to the table.

If Shepard sides with Miranda, then the Commander will lose Jack's loyalty, but has the opportunity to regain her loyalty in a later conversation. In addition, if Shepard was in a romance with Jack, and sided with Miranda, then Jack will break off the relationship and will refuse to rekindle it. During a conversation Shepard has the option to have casual sex with Jack. If Shepard agrees, a feisty sex scene in the small quarters on the engineering deck occurs.

However, after the sex scene, Jack refuses to speak to Shepard anymore, telling him that there is nothing to talk about any time a conversation is attempted.

It is possible to have casual sex with Jack even after Shepard successfully pursues other romantic options such as Tali or Miranda. Should Shepard choose to turn down the casual sex option, get to know her first, and pursue a relationship, the result is very different.

Jack will eventually soften up and reveal a lot about her past, where on multiple occasions she was taken advantage of when she let her guard down. She also references a time where one partner chose to stay behind rather than abandon her to die, getting himself killed in the process. He left a recording on their shuttle for her in case he died, it talked about the future they were supposed to have, how he planned to build a home for them, about how he loved her and was sorry it wasn't going to happen.

This implies a great deal of " survivor guilt " in Jack, from the incident and her time spent on Pragia. She eventually tells Shepard that she needs time to think about everything; it's all very new to her and she isn't quite sure what to do.

En route to the final mission, she comes to Shepard in his cabin, tells him she has been thinking a lot about him, and that he's right and she needs someone. Jack gives in, and shows a very vulnerable and emotional side.

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Tears roll down her face as a tender scene ensues, culminating with her smiling peacefully while they lie together on his bed, and she finally achieves true happiness. At some point prior to the love scene, Mordin Solus will offer advice to Shepard in regards to his attraction to Jack, mostly concerning the fact that she is likely to either accidentally or purposefully kill him if he keeps trying to get close to her.

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He will offer to send information packets on biotics and mass effect field manipulation to Shepard's quarters. If at the point just prior to the love scene when Jack tells Shepard about the partner who sacrificed himself for her - or even right during the actual love scene - should Shepard choose to reject her as a lost cause who will never be "normal", Jack will angrily accuse Shepard of being just one more person to simply use her and storm out of his presence.

After this choice, every time Shepard goes down to talk to her in Engineering she will simply yell an obscenity at him. After the completion of Lair of the Shadow Brokerif Shepard brings Liara aboard the Normandy to catch up, she will ask Shepard what he's fighting for, and if it's a chance to give Jack faith in something more than anger.

If Shepard answers yes, he says that she is getting better, relatively speaking. Liara does not find Shepard's explanation reassuring, to which Shepard somewhat agrees, but she is still important to him nevertheless. Before she leaves to return to the Shadow Broker BaseLiara will say that she hopes that the two of them will find happiness together. Sometime after the Collectors' defeat, Jack was approached by the Systems Alliance and offered a teaching position at the Grissom Academy to train biotics for combat.

She accepted and agreed to tone down her profanity to maintain the level of professionalism expected from teachers. Her students apparently responded well to her unconventional teaching style, mimicking her trash talk "I will destroy you! Jack herself grew attached to her charges in return, considering them the family she never had, and promises to exact retribution against anyone who screws with her kids. Jack is present on the station during Cerberus' attempt to kidnap gifted students for their causedefending hers from being captured.

Shepard finds Jack in the middle of shielding one of her students from incoming Atlas fire, and while Shepard's team takes care of the opposition Jack rallies to her kids on higher ground, helping project a biotic barrier and supporting biotic strikes.

After giving instructions to her students and admonishments to Jason PrangleyJack relates to Shepard the things she's been up to over the past few months. If the conversation turns into improving the students' endurance and conditioning, Jack specifically recalls her time in the Suicide Mission either throwing husks around or being Shepard's biotic bubble specialist whenever the students complain, telling the kids she kept thinking that she should've let Mordin handle her job instead as he can "talk [the Collectors] to death.

Once all the catch-up is over she stays put until Shepard paves the way for their exit route.

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One of her students, Ensign Rodriguez, wavers when Cerberus starts messaging the students, and Jack gives the student a dressing-down. Jack either gives Rodriguez her coarse affirmation of her student's abilities, or shoves the surgery scars inflicted during her Cerberus captivity into her scared student's view, angrily asserting that surrender is tantamount to being meat on a slab. The Ensign sets her head straight after this, and Jack leads the students in shadowing Shepard's team from higher ground while the squad clears out the bulk of Cerberus resistance.

Privately, Jack believes her kids aren't yet ready for the realities of war, but Shepard can influence her into letting the students run loose for a while even if they're only fighting from relatively safe positions.

Jack, Shepard and Kahlee Sanders eventually manage to help the students escape. Jack, in a good mood, wants to treat her kids to tattoos at the next place they dock. If a male Shepard chose to break with her earlier, Jack even mentions hanging on to the N7 tattoo on her ass she previously planned to burn off. As they make their way back to the Normandy, Jack decides to break her self-censoring when Joker takes note of the fact and wisecracks that if Jack had a swear jar the cash inside would've been sufficient to buy a cruiser.

If Shepard thinks Jack fits in snugly to military life, Jack says that their little suicide squad apparently taught her something about teamwork. If the students had been sent to the front linesJack mentions her kids are being sent into hot spots for hit-and-runs and she's making sure the higher-ups won't give them something way out of their league. She expresses her surprise at their ability to hold up under fire, but then Shepard believed in the students' abilities and burned away her doubts.

If the students had been assigned support rolesshe remarks they've been spread out across Alliance units, saving a lot of lives by providing barrier support, modding ammo and the like, and that they're handling the support duties well. If Shepard convinced Jack to take her job seriously, Jack mentions that her kids even saw action on Palaveneither on the front lines with Prangley displaying exceptional biotic aptitude against Cannibals and Rodriguez not panicking for a change, or that her kids provided barriers for a krogan squad so the latter can get close and break enemy lines.

They manage to help the turians evac a thousand civilians to safety.

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If Jack was previously romanced, Shepard has the option to rekindle or officially end their relationship at this time. The Commander asks Jack to dance with them, regardless of whether she was romanced or not, claiming that she's on shore leave and the rosters can wait. Jack flat-out retorts that everyone knows Shepard can't dance, and with that they both enjoy the music.

An audio log can be found where Jack is heard resisting her captors up until the end. After the squad is forced to kill her, Shepard states that she was no longer herself and that she is "just one more thing Cerberus will answer for.

If Jack didn't have a relationship with Shepard by the time the Commander uses the Crucibleher fate will be determined by the path her students took. She will either be seen visiting her students' graves if they were previously sent to the front lines, or she will be seen with her kids - alive - and Kahlee Sanders mulling their next move if the students were relegated to support.

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Ass Effect

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Her inner walls clenched tightly around John, gripping him like a vise and making him groan in approval.

Jack sighed in content as she felt the euphoria of sweet release, her body going slack against the crate. John remained within Jack, allowing her warm juices to flow down, coating his cock and dripping onto the floor. The marine grunted in slight annoyance.

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He had yet to find his own release. Jack looked back, smirking at John with a dreamy look on her face. Despite the amusing expression, Jack had a certain look in her eye, a look John knew meant trouble. John frowned at the woman and pulled out of her, his still-hard organ slick with a fresh coat of Jack's fluids.

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He turned to put his clothing back on but Jack stopped him, getting up off the crate and reaching back and wrapping her dainty fingers around his throbbing cock. Her small fingers prodded at her puckered hole, begging for entrance. Soon, her middle finger pushed in, working its way past the tight ring of muscles and into her forbidden depths. Jack hissed as she added a second digit, probing herself and stretching her ass in preparation for John.

As much as she like it rough, she was not an idiot. Even with John slicked up with Jack's generous contribution, she still needed to get ready. After a few moments of this, the nerves down there felt ablaze in just the right way and Jack pulled out, only for John to press the tip of his cock against the loosened hole. Jack reached back with her other hand, holding John back slightly, while the hand she fucked herself with went up to John's face. She pressed the fingers against his lips.

Her fingers disappeared between John's lips, and she felt his warm tongue glide over her digits, tasting what so many wouldn't.

Jack smiled, a bit proud of how far down she brought the Alliance's golden boy. John didn't have a reason as to why he was doing this. Maybe he was tired of being squeaky clean. Maybe he wanted to get a bit dirty.

Jack pulled her fingers from John's mouth, spreading her cheeks as she bent over the crate once more. She ground her ass into his cock, drawing a low moan from the Commander. John didn't need to be told twice. He pushed, slowly at first, and his member's swollen head worked its way in. Jack was cursing loudly, slamming her fist on the side of the crate as John pushed deeper, but the noise was drowned out by the hum of the engines. 'mass effect jack' Search, free sex videos. Language effect liara t soni caught cheating rough hmv cumshot lunafreya sfm cumshot compilation lesbian fucking machines borderlands 2 mass effect tali mass effect jack orgy mass effect hentai dickgirl sprite blue star sfm mass effect andromeda mass effect Miranda's never ending fuck. Similar searches videogame shemale hitting prostate gay porno matura americana shemale ebony teen cartoon shemale cum shemale anime uncensored tomb raider futa girlfriends 4 ever shemale futanari 3d mass effect lesbian mass effect shemale cartoon mass effect cartoon shemale shemale hentai shemale futanari mass effect futa cartoon shemale. Mass Effect: Foundation Edit. Jack demolished a door between her and a figure from her past. Doctor Angersol was powerless to stop his death as the woman biotically threw him around. All Jack needed from the man was the life she lost under Cerberus, and she exacted payment for the impossible due.

John continued to push into Jack's ass, slowly but surely, breaking the resistance inch by inch. Soon, he was completely inside her, with his hips flush against her own. She thrust her hips back against John's, urging him to get to work.

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John obliged, pulling out a bit before thrusting back in. It was true, her ass simply refused to relinquish his cock from it's tight grip, never letting him go completely when he pulled back and seemingly taking him deeper each time her thrust back in.

John wondered what everyone would think. The paragon of humanity, fucking a tattooed convict up her ass in the dark bowels of a Cerberus vessel. His mom would probably faint. His dad would fake being angry before congratulating him in private. Garrus would probably do the same. Miranda certainly wouldn't approve, same as Jacob, Thane, and Samara. Grunt wouldn't care. And Tali John grew angry, his grip on Jack's hips becoming tighter, almost painful to her.

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His thrusts quickened, pumping his cock into the convict's ass like a piston. His hips slapped against hers loudly, almost in sync with Jack's moans and squeals. John held nothing back. He pounded into Jack's ass, thrusting deep and hard into her tight rectum, making her cry out, him not knowing whether it was pain or pleasure. He gripped her hips, his nails digging into her skin and used his arms to pump her onto him as well as his thrusts.

The crate was shaking, Jack's whole body trembling. John let ecstasy flow through his body, pleasure greeting every nerve. Jack came as well, moaning loudly as a second orgasm was taken from her body.

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Luckily, it was drowned out by the sound of engines. The convict shuddered as she felt ropes of cum fill her ass, coating her walls. With a huff, she went limp on the crate once more, sighing as she felt John pull out of her. She flipped herself over, lying back on the crate.

Mass effect fuck

Jack smirked as she watched as John hurriedly dress himself with a look on his face that told her he felt ashamed, dirty. A little too heroic for my tastes, but still. You know what they call you? Pretty catchy.

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