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Vanessa Pt.

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After all these years a man finally gets what he needs. Coercion of Anastasia Anastasia was taken in Dr.

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Camerone's exam room. Whatever It Takes Pt. Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch.

The first time I sucked and deepthroated a cock, my throat was sore for almost a week, and I felt a bit ashamed and dirty. But, it was such a thrill to submissively kneel down and have a horny married man grabbing my head and forcing his stiff prick inside my mouth, shoving it down my throat, that I knew I . Continued sucking and fucking with my best friend. Fun at the art fair and Marcel meets a new lover. Curious male finds his release through gay anal. Sometimes. the hook-up you seek is right under your nose. and other exciting erotic at bamnewmilford.com! Curiosity Fucked the Straight Guy How would a man who has never had anything in their ass actually go about preparing it for a hypothetical first time bottom experience? I received many answers, some great advice and a couple of offers to meet some of the responders, which only increased my taboo desire to try it.

Street Hustler Tamed and Trained Ch. Olivia and Sam Sam Enjoys seeing wife exposed. How do You "Bake" a Creampie? Creamy dessert is made in the hot sun. Worshipping Lili's Ass Pt. Show Me She wants proof of his love. Mandy Ch. Halloween-Some Halloween in a dark basement with my wife's friends. A Match Made in Heaven Cute boy meets sexy dickgirl.

Curiosity Cost She's passed out and he's curious. A Mother's Touch Ch. The Bet Ch. Dan has the perfect Dilemma. She Wet My Pants An adventure of humiliation. Catching the Eye of a Mob Boss Ch. Just Doing Laundry Caught playing a daring game by a willing participant. Strip Mall Short strip game story. The List Pt.

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Vivian Laaning Ch. Kelly and the Bat Kelly is always getting herself into trouble at school No Round Two? A quick sexual tale of fingering and ass licking fun! Dominated Sometimes you just want to have it done to you. Queen of Wolves Mixing leadership, friendship, and love within her pack.

Used by London Bankers Powerful female bankers use a young man for their pleasure. A Christmas Temptation A deserved spanking gets out of hand when Rachel arrives. Fun at the Movies Another fantasy about risking exhibition and more.

Professional Pride and Shame The disgraceful desires of young women from the ruling class. The Twins at College Sheltered twins at a new school get a rude awakening Girdled Ch.

Fuck Fantasies Ch. College Bathroom First time gay in a public college bathroom.

Free anal sex stories and erotic fiction related to the butt and ass. change picture. Anonymous. New bf fucks my ass loose and worships it the next night. by Black man .

Sicily's Lesbian Son Crossdressing son and his mom connect after her break up. After the Snip Bareback sex after a vasectomy is amazing! The Ties that Blind Mother takes care of son. This One Time in a Hotel Almost anonymous cunnilingus. Emilia makes a proposal.

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Alyson's First Anal Experience Alyson's friend and her boyfriend show her the joys of anal. Homecoming Girl A daughter comes home to Daddy. Being a Sex Slave Being a good girl for my master. As I read the story, my cock became rock hard quickly and I slowly pushed the toy inside me. There was resistance at first, but it quickly weakened and I felt a rush of adrenalin at having something, albeit really small, in my ass.

It didn't hurt; on the contrary, I wanted more. I tried pushing the toy deeper, but it was all in and my mood shifted from excited to frustrated. I leaned onto my back and wiggled the toy in my ass as my free hand began stroking my erection.

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I continued reading the story as both hands moved quickly and in less than two minutes I was shooting cum straight up in the air. After cleaning the toy, I decided I would return to the store tomorrow and get a bigger toy. Over the next couple of days, I bought and tried progressively bigger toys, getting accustomed to things in my butt.

Each time I got off from pleasuring my ass, I craved more I craved the real thing. About a month later, after having experimented with a wide variety of toys in my ass, including walking around all day with a butt plug in my ass; fate made my curiosity a reality.

I was in a rather posh hotel when it happened. I should note I am decent looking and in great shape for my age; I had just finished working out when fate intervened. I was in the gym shower washing away my sweat when a younger guy, probably no more than twenty, joined me. Since my fascination with sucking a cock began, I have often taken quick glimpses of every man I could. No one had seemed to notice I looked and saw a decent sized cock, semi-erect, attached to the pretty boy.

He dripped rich kid prep. I didn't glance any longer than a couple of seconds, but he seemed to notice. He chuckled. No matter how much I tried to look away, I couldn't take my eyes of the growing cock. He continued this until all eight inches, two more than my cock, were fully erect. I stammered, hypnotized by his stiff rod, "I-I-I have never done anything like this before.

I love it. I continued to stare at his erection, my own cock now erect too, as I winced at being called a faggot. I stood frozen, wanting to drop to my knees but unable and petrified of someone walking in.

My resistance as weak as the French were in both World Wars, I questioned, "What if someone comes in? I said nothing, but continued staring at his erect cock. He finally gave me an ultimatum. Either get on your knees and suck my cock like it is obvious you want to or stop drooling and I will go wake up my girlfriend for a morning quickie.

I looked up and saw his smug smile that only made the embarrassment that much greater I took it in my hand and slowly moved up and down tentatively until this nameless stranger said, "I can stroke my cock myself old man, get sucking like the faggot you are.

Straight guy discovers his male kin are all BBC submissives. Shut-in teen's odd fascination with the burly black daddy. Straight white fire captain becomes obsessed by black cock. Devante has gotten in over his head. and other exciting erotic at bamnewmilford.com! A nervous intern has to massage a co-worker. Visiting The Trucker Again. An innocent date is not all as it seems. Seduced by my boss's teenage daughter at his 4th July party. Chris's is a fake name! Religious peddlers get converted. and other exciting erotic at bamnewmilford.com! Submit Your Story! Anal Stories. Story Spinner - Click this link to read a random story from this category! From a Dream - Encounter goes from anal to cumming. by - Man is spanked and fucked in ass by partner in punishment. by.

As soon as my mouth was wrapped around his cock, he moaned, "That's it cocksucker, make your dream come true. I swirled my mouth around his cock head, creating extra saliva to attempt to bathe his cock After creating this lake of lust, and hearing his moans increase, I got more confident and began bobbing back and forth. Suddenly determined to get all eight inches in my mouth, I continued bobbing back and forth, each time taking a little more in my mouth.

You got all eight inches of my meat.

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Now get me off. I pumped my cock quickly while keeping a similar pace on his cock.

Anal Sex Stories Hub

A minute later, I heard a grunt and felt him spray his cum into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed the salty seed that was way less unpleasant than I expected. I continued to suck his cock, although slower now, milking the last of his seed. I heard a door open and I quickly stood up, my face of shame branded on me.

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The unnamed young man I just pleasured smiled and complimented, "For a first time, you are a natural. My erection still in full view, I attempted to cover it, which only made what I had just done even more obvious.

The younger man shut off his shower and said to the older gentleman, "He is a great cocksucker, if that floats your boat. The old man shook his head in disgust, making me feel even dirtier, and he headed towards the sauna.

I Had Plastic Surgery To Seduce Men

I finished my shower, realizing I still had a full head of shampoo, while oddly savouring the lingering after taste of my first mouthful of cum. My cock refused to shrivel and I eventually grabbed a towel and hurried to my room.

Once inside, I replayed the events of my first gay experience, as I furiously beat off.

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Now alone in my room, my shame disappeared and I was eager to do it again. I suddenly felt like a teenager after losing my virginity I was addicted.

Sadly, my job called and I had to head off to work, my neglected cock begging for attention.

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Unfortunately, I didn't see my unnamed stud again, even though I made sure to be in the gym at the same time the next day. I returned to my family with a dark secret, and an even bigger craving to do it again and again. It was two weeks later, two excruciatingly long weeks later, before I was on the road again. Confident that it was no longer just a lingering curiosity but now a burning craving, I searched for gay bars and glory holes, and stiff cocks in Atlanta.

I even flew in a day early, lying to my wife my whole life was becoming a lieto start my hunt for cocksucking opportunities.

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I checked in and headed over to a gay dance bar I read about online. It was infamous for being a great pick up joint. I arrived early, ordered a double rum, and surveyed the bar. Even though I craved sucking cock, I still didn't find men attractive. It wasn't like when I was single and on the prowl for pussy Now, I didn't even know where to start. I sat at the bar for a few songs before this built man, probably thirty or so, asked, "First time here? He snapped his fingers and the bartender quickly poured me another double and a beer for my godlike stranger.

When both had our drinks in hand, he said, "I'm Greg.

? Gay Male Stories. Escape from anxiety with a fun story on Nifty. Please donate to Nifty. "Thanks for the years of fun you have brought." - Ravi. Feedback to authors is their primary compensation and motivation. Author Tim Trent has published Queer Me! and a portion of all sales are donated to Nifty. Gay MaleStraight Man who Admires Other Men's Butts. I play with my own ass all the time. In bed, it is often the first thing I touch upon awakening. I like to spread it. I like to tickle my hole, touching it very softly. I bend over before the mirror and spread my moderately hairy cheeks, admiring my . Years later, Ryan returns to find his mom has a surprise. Lament over loss of a lover. Stacy gets inspired by some porn and cocktails. On the way home, Alpha female spit roasted by two cops. One genie sex slave becomes a harem. and other exciting erotic at bamnewmilford.com!

He shrugged as if it was no big deal, "Yeah, have since it opened in I have always wanted to go. Why you in the wonderful city of Atllanta. Shy, but hungry, I replied, "Well, maybe some pleasure. I was a crazy mixture of extreme excitement and turbulent trepidation. I was eager, desperate even, to suck another cock yet the thought of maybe more was downright scary.

The thought of getting fucked was still intriguing, but I wasn't sure I was ready for it yet, even though I had prepared my ass as best I could. I finished my second double and the bartender smiling knowingly, had a third ready instantly.

Mens ass stories

I smiled back shyly. A few minutes later, my third double half done, Greg returned. He continued our conversation as if he had never left. Am I right? Let's continue this conversation somewhere a bit quieter. We went through a door and into a room that was nicer and bigger than my hotel room. He went to the bar, topped up my drink, and suggested I join him on the leather couch. He pressed a remote control and six TV's came on.

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