About Us

The Academy holds a high standard for music education with each of our talented staff members possessing degrees in education and performance.

Our mission is to guide our student body in fulfilling their desire to comprehend the language of music, and yearn for more study after each lesson every week. A positive environment is infectious, and we strive to spread that level of positivity toward every student who encounters the Academy and its mission for music education success.

Our number one goal is successfully integrating music education with the healing properties of music therapy & child movement. The ability to fuse all music educational needs opens the doors to endless possibilities within modern day teaching methods. By exploring, creating, replicating, and observing music, students will build their technical and expressive skills. They develop their artistry, and embrace the power of music to communicate without condescension under the same roof. Learning to play an instrument is an experience that enriches the mind, and soothes the soul. Music is a universal language that binds us together as a people; and the diversity of our student body is what drives our success.

We Offer

Music Lessons
New Musician Lessons, Adult Music Lessons, Music Lessons for Professional Performers
Music Therapy
Music therapy is an interpersonal process in which the therapist uses music and all of its facets: physical, emotional, mental, social, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual, to help people improve or maintain their health.
Music Workshops
We will be offering various workshops this summer, ranging from “Bearclaw’s Rock Academy (A Tribute To The Beatles)” to “Jazz Jam-Out” collaboration with New Milford Youth Agency to “Don Lowe’s Songwriting Workshop” to “Gannon’s Guitar Workshop” and many more opportunities!

Owner of BAM

Who is Joseph Burcaw, aka “Bearclaw” you may ask? An educator, bass player, performer, writer, bandleader and music enthusiast with vision. He held down the bass chair position with Irish rockers BLACK 47 for close to a decade, and spent multiple years as bass dept. head of Boston’s School of Rock teaching private and group lessons on a consistent basis. Now with B47 having retired, and recently relocating to the Litchfield county area, he remains grounded with optimism and growth with the advent of his brainchild, Bearclaw’s Academy of Music, or B.A.M. for short. A music academy offering lessons, workshops, recitals, performances and music therapy sessions, just to name a few. Bearclaw’s Academy of Music serves the community by bringing people of all walks of life together for one objective, learning the language of music as a healing component to nurture the soul.


School of Rock, Boston Mass. 2013-16
– Bass Dept. Chair (Bass & Guitar Instruction)

Montessori School, Washington CT. 2014
– Summer Camp Music Teacher

Private Door to Door & Skype Instruction. 2011-present

The Bass Collective, Manhattan New York. 2005-2010
– Solo Bass Clinician

New York Pops, Manhattan New York  2003-2004
– Substitute Bass Guitar Instructor
– Group Performances & Lessons

New Milford Music Center, New Milford CT  2000-2002
– Private & Group Bass Guitar Instruction
– Over 20 students on a consistent basis

Private (in studio bass instruction) 1994-2000


– Bass player for Irish group BLACK 47 (close to a decade of service)
– CBS NY Weekend Morning Edition (live interview)
– The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon (live performance)
– VH-1’s Morning Buzz w/Nick Lachey (live performance)
– Fox & Friends Live (live performance)
– Fearless TV Fox (studio performance)
– WRXP (live radio interview & performance)
– The Food Network (studio performance)
– Sounds of Ireland (Irish television documentary PBS)
– NPR Columbus Ohio In The Studio (live interview & performance)
– Fox Live Boston (live performance)
– WFNX Boston (live interview)
– Many more interviews & performance credits upon request


– Bachelors of Arts (Amer. Studies of Music) Salve Regina Univ.
– Minor (Music Performance) Salve Regina Univ.
– Diploma of Audio/Post Production S.A.E. (Manhattan)